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Started my life as "perfectly imperfect" child with many flaws. My teachers encouraged me for sports where I could land upto school level Football Player and that's the amazing platform where I achieved public confidence. 
I always loved Computer and playing with New Technology was always fun for me. So I did my bachelors in Information Technology Engineering. 
Till my third year in graduation, I worked for many new and different technologies and increased my knowledge in various fields. I have worked for two different startups "WeSwitched and FNplus" and unlocked my creativity skills. I am both creative and logical. And now that I have find myself, my creative side, I will be sharing my life stories and thrilling experiences with all of you.

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Pratik Agarwal
Bhilwara Raj.


SRM Institute Of Science And Technology

B.Tech. in Information Technology Aug 2015 - MAy 2019

  • Marks scored: 78.56
  • Certification on PHP , JSP , Java and many other Programming Languages
  • Member of Technical Team of the college, achieved 1st position in Maths and 2nd position in Physics Competition.
  • Worked in the organizing team in the Department fest Aurganon'16 and 17.
  • Intern at Swastika Academy for the “Projects in JSP and core Java” and “Developed an online Library”.
  • Intern at Alt-Sense and “Worked for the real time IOT Projects”
  • Intern at Genx Soft Technologies for the “Project in PHP“ and “Developed a Site on Women Empowerment”.



Software Engineer Intern January 19 - May 19

I have completed my Training from Infosys India Pvt. Ltd. There I learned Python as my generic training along with Database and later completed my training in dot Net where we learned MVC and completed my Project along with my team. I gained a good experience of working in a big company like Infosys where I saw the working hierarchy.


Free Lancer June 18 - January 19

Fnplus is a community of Geeks who loves to explore, play with cutting edge technology & build cool things. We at Fnplus were trying to build an ecosystem which comprises of people accomplishing milestones in any diverse field of their interest without using a formal way of learning. Fnplus conducted some meetups on Google Cluod Platform where I participated as a volunteer and some times as a speaker. We gave training of GCP to different levels of people and also worked to solve the real life problems for other companies.

We Switched

Full Stack Developer January 18 - May 18

We Switched is a team of competent engineers which are always-ready to meet all the challenges to provide best product for the customers. I worked as a Full Stack Developer for the team where we created many different Websites among which the company site was one. While working for them, I gained a very good communication skills and learn how to deal with clients.


My skills journey is a rise from getting analytical to creative. Though being an "perfectly imperfect" child, I am wondering "what to do next" after my B.Tech. and above all, I always wanted to be something that you say "out of the box". So, that is the time I started studying from Haward and MIT tutorials (TO BE DIFFERENT, THINK DIFFERENT). That"s what I can say here. After some time, I actually realized that "I am different among all" my upmost priority. I worked in domains like : Web Designing, Web Development, Digital Marketing, Google Analytics, Internet of Things, Visual Basics, Big Data Analytics, Google Cloud Platform and much more. I could achieve the top profiles of Pratik Agarwal at LinkedIn. So, you guys can find more about me there (it"s worth it right). Here, I am listing some of my skills.

  • Python
  • Data Structure
  • PHP
  • Database
  • CSS
  • HTML5
  • Digital Marketing
  • IOT

Client Testimonials

  • A man with excellent leadership and communication skills. He has the ability to lead and drive digital world to increase growth targets and awareness and respect among customers. He is very passionate and visionary. He is experienced in developing the Websites.

  • Pratik Agarwal is proficient as a Web Developer and can build up innovative designs which will boost up the brand and increase customer satisfaction. He has a strong business intellect which eventually becomes the "ladder" to take the company to next level.

  • I worked as a Partner with him and my experience was amazing. It is often said when Work becomes fun, one can achieve more and that's what exactly happened with me. I enjoyed my work and learnt a lot from him. Worth saying, an amazing leader, great motivator and an awesome person.


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